Going out for inclusive adventures!

Son sits on dads lap while they look outside the window at airplanes on the tarmac

In a community, inclusion looks like everyone being recognized for their differences and having a true sense of belonging – not just at schools, but at establishments and events. Community inclusion is about public facilities offering the same activities to everyone, while providing support and services that accommodate people’s differences. While Pal Experiences is committed […]

What Does Accessibility Mean To You?

Young family stands in front of an aquarium and looks smiling at a sting ray

What does accessibility mean to you? Close your eyes and think of the word “accessibility.” What image did you see? Chances are, you saw a ramp.  A vitally crucial physical accommodation that has been synonymous with accessibility for decades. At least, that’s what it was for me. Until I met a father and a son […]

What does together-ready mean?

Mom and son are seen together cooking

What does together-ready mean? Pal is passionate about bringing people together and sharing experiences. Pal Places support a variety of needs so that your whole family can feel confident exploring together. We outfit our communities with the tools and resources that enable meaningful experiences in everyday adventure. Our Pal Places desire to integrate inclusivity into their way […]

Meet Buddy the Octopus!

Buddy the octopus holding a stuffy

Meet Buddy the Octopus! We are so excited for you to meet our friend, Buddy!  Although Buddy is shy, he loves to explore. Whenever he leaves his cave, he brings his handy dandy tools that help him communicate, have fun, and feel safe. Buddy grabs his talky board, headphones, and fidget spinner, and is off! […]

How Pal is on the Journey to Better Serve Adventurous Explorers

Little boy is running towards viewer wearing a Pal Experiences bracelet

In 2021, Pal Experiences was named Slalom‘s annual ‘Partner for Good‘. Slalom is a global, modern consulting firm that helps companies tackle their most ambitious projects and build new capabilities. Since 2014, Pal Experiences has enabled more than 100,000 families impacted by disabilities to have meaningful outings at Pal Places with customized, know-before-you-go tools. The unique relationship presented […]

Pal Experiences Advanced Inclusion for All in 2021

family poses in front of a step and repeat holding up silly glasses

With 18 Pal Places on the map, families impacted by disabilities are feeling more empowered than ever to enjoy meaningful outings in the community. To date, Pal Experiences has impacted more than 100,000 individuals and families through its customized digital resources. As we continue working toward inclusion for all, we’re thrilled for every amazing opportunity […]