Step 1: Entering the arena

Park, enter through security, then scan your ticket to get into the concourse.

Pal Place Completion

Step 2: Things to know

Lots of bathrooms, guest relations, team shops, concessions, and more.

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Step 3: Enjoy pregame

Pregame can be loud, dark, and exciting. Logan likes it! 

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Step 4: Cheer on the Mercury!

Clap, yell “Defense”, and shout “Go Mercury!”

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Step 5: Watch the halftime show

When the players rest, the show goes on with all kinds of entertainment.

Pal Place Completion

Step 6: Time to go

You did it! Lots of people may be leaving at the end of the game, so be patient and come back soon!

Pal Place Completion
Buddy the orange octopus has a big smile and holds a cellphone