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Pal is a nonprofit that creates access and inclusion to ensure everyone’s experience
needs can be supported in public venues.
We’re dedicated to making places more inclusive & accessible for guests with developmental disabilities.
Ricky and Olivia sit on a red tricycle while playing at Children's museum of Phoenix

Just as a ramp helps those who move differently, Pal’s digital tools empower those who think differently to go out and explore their communities. Far too many families living with developmental disabilities are socially isolated. Anxiety over new experiences, difficulty communicating, and sensory overload are often so overwhelming, families end up staying home.

Through fundraising and partnerships, Pal Experiences creates digital tools, rooted in science, that address each of these challenges making it easier for families to go out and enjoy our community. Our vision is to create a vast network of inclusive Pal Places. With your help, we can make sure that everyone gets to go.

Because with Pal,


Thank YOU very much to each and everyone of you for creating events for our individuals with special needs. YOU ARE AWESOME!

Love Pal Experiences! We recently used the tips on going to the Arizona science center and it was so helpful. My son knew what to expect and we had a wonderful family outing. Thank you Pal for the great work, keep it up! 💙

I love Pal Experiences because it helps all people get to go and have fun. My brother and I had so much fun being Pal Movie stars!

A study by the National Autistic Society found that 70% of families impacted by autism are socially isolated.

Our tools and resources help families and individuals impacted by developmental disabilities gain access to spaces where they may previously have felt left behind.

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Meet our Team

Headshot of Melanie holding up a shark cutout

Melanie Isaacs

Founder & Chief Inclusion Officer

Howdy! I am Melanie and I love sharks. I studied biology and worked in zoos and aquariums to be closer to animals. But one day on my train ride home from work I met a family who said they couldn’t go to the aquarium because their son had autism and it was ‘too much’. Since that day I have been working and creating tools to make sure everyone gets to go, anywhere they want!

I love inclusion, hiking, picnicking, adventuring with my kiddos and husband, and of course, sharks 😉

Minnesota Children’s Museum

Georgia Aquarium

Headshot of Hana Alanis

Hana Alanis

Creative Director

Hi I’m Hana, and I love all things Pal! I met Melanie many moons ago while I was teaching adults with disabilities how to work in the digital media space. I immediately fell in love with her mission of “everyone gets to go.”


I have 4 kiddos, and my oldest does live with disabilities, which makes what we do at Pal hit even closer to home for me. 

Outside of Pal, I teach advertising and graphic design at a local university, I love watching films, and I’m addicted to collecting ampersands.

Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Balboa Park – the whole thing!

Headshot of Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Pal Content Creator

Hello! My name is Taylor, and I love dinosaurs – along with my son 😄. I studied journalism and event management at Arizona State University. I use my copy writing and organizational skills to help small businesses and nonprofits achieve their missions. My niche is inclusion – I want people with disabilities to have the same opportunities as everyone else to lead fulfilling lives.

I love smiling faces, swimming, travelling with my family, and having fresh flowers in my home. 

Odysea Aquarium

Arizona State Fair

Headshot of man named Isaac Kiehl

Isaac Kiehl

Social Media Specialist

Hi there! I’m Isaac, and I’m an Arizona State grad, a digital marketing specialist and an advocate for PAL Experiences and likeminded organizations that promote inclusion, diversity and acceptance.


When I’m not developing social media strategies for businesses or helping enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities by making places or support services more accessible, find me caffeinating, fitness-coaching or raising my own daughters to share, accept and appreciate the differences in everyone.

Banner Children’s Urgent Care

Great Wolf Lodge

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