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Pal addresses the three most common challenges experienced by families with developmental disabilities when going out – anxiety, sensory sensitivities, and difficulties with communication.

Accessible digital tools

Nearly 26% of Americans have a disability, with 1 in 6 kids living with a  developmental disability such as autism. Our tools and resources help families and individuals impacted by disabilities gain access to spaces where they may previously have felt left behind. While we focus on supporting developmental disabilities, our tools and resources can be assets to everyone preparing for an adventure.

Know before you go

Pal’s video social stories reduce anxiety by showing what to expect. Pal uses video modeling to foreshadow the sensory scene –  from popcorn smells to crowds to places to take a break.

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Visit with confidence

Insider tips and sensory scales let you plan for sensory sensitivities, rather than be surprised by them. Learn quieter times to go, things you can bring, and which accommodations to pack to make your adventure best for your family.

On the go support

Structured around a behavior chain outlining the transitions necessary to have a positive experience, and video priming to reinforce each task, the Pal Guide is your on the go tool.  It features a map, and touchable picture icons to assist those who struggle to communicate needs and emotions.

Buddy, an orange cartoon non-verbal octopus is wearing colorful headphones to help with his sensory intake.

Plan your adventure

We are so excited for you to meet our friend, Buddy! Although Buddy is shy, he loves to explore. Buddy is ready to be your adventure pal as you explore our community of inclusive Pal Places.

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Because with Pal,


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