Step 1: Arriving

Watch Jace and Rylan arrive, wait in line for tickets and get wristbands.

Pal Place Completion

Step 2: Things to know

Important tips, access to the quiet room, and a reminder to stay with your grown-ups.

Pal Place Completion

Step 3: First floor

So much to see on the 1st floor – Jace puts on headphones then keeps playing.

Pal Place Completion

Step 4: Second floor

Jace’s family buys a ticket for SkyCycle, then they break for a snack after Get Charged Up!

Pal Place Completion

Step 5: Third and fourth floors

Video games in My Digital World, experience the Forces of Nature, then up to the 4th floor.

Pal Place Completion

Step 6: Time to go

It can be hard to leave, but Jace and Rylan can’t wait to come back!

Pal Place Completion