Step 1: Arriving

Danny and Mary arrive at their favorite place – OdySea Aquarium!

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Step 2: Things to know

Check out insider tips like a quiet room, sharks in the bathroom, and more.

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Step 3: Journey through fresh water

Danny and Mary start their journey through the aquarium by seeing fresh water creatures and interactive exhibits.

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Step 4: Explore the shoreline

See how to use the touch tanks, then get excited about Penguin Point and games in this fun area.

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Step 5: Voyage into the ocean

Voyage down into the ocean with Danny and Mary as they watch a 3D movie then enjoy the rotating Ocean Voyager experience.

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Step 6: Time to go

Danny and Mary celebrate an amazing day and transition to leaving through the gift shop.

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Buddy the orange octopus has a big smile and holds a cellphone