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Watch with your family as Sky, Sage and Sawyer explore Minnesota Children’s Museum. Show your kids what to expect, talk about any concerns, and plan around potential sensory issues.

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Prepare best by knowing when, where and how to go.

Sensory Scale uses 1 – 10 scoring, with 10 being maximum sensory input.

How loud
How much walking
How many people
How many hours to stay

Minnesota Children’s Museum understands everyone’s dietary needs are unique. Outside items can be consumed in designated areas, including the Atrium and the Landing. Food and drink should not be consumed in the exhibit spaces.

Most groups visit on weekday mornings, making the afternoons the quietest time to visit. However, there are no group visits scheduled on Tuesdays. Weekends tend to be busy all day.

The World Trade Center parking ramp is connected to the museum via the skyway. Park on the third floor and take the skyway directly to the box office. Bring your parking ticket to the box office to get validation for a discounted parking rate.

Located on the first and second floors, Comfort Rooms are private spaces that offer the perfect retreat for guests needing a sensory break.

Restrooms are all outfitted with changing tables, including a larger sized table in the multi-stall restroom on the second floor.

PCAs may visit the museum for free when accompanying the person they assist. Just tell the box office when you check in.

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