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Watch what to expect at a Phoenix Mercury basketball game!

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Logan and his family get to go to a Phoenix Mercury basketball game! Watch with your family to know what to expect and how to prepare to attend a game. 

Plan with 'Insider Tips'

Prepare best by knowing when, where and how to go.

Sensory Scale uses 1 – 10 scoring, with 10 being maximum sensory input.

How loud
How much walking
How many people
How many hours to stay

Weekday games are less crowded than weekend games. Check the schedule in April for discounts for Autism Awareness month! 

Mercury games are a fantastic opportunity to watch the players in action from the lower level of the arena.

It’s always super cool to support your local WNBA team, and the air-conditioned arena feels nice and refreshing on a hot summer day.

Mercury fans LOVE to cheer! Feel free to express your joy and excitement at the game.

Mercury games have plenty of action on and off the court with dancers, the mascot Scorch, games, and a halftime show.

At the end of each Mercury home game, fans get to run on the court for a few minutes!

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