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Watch what to expect when staying at home!

See four families experiencing school, fun, and life at home. Watch with your family to see what it’s like for others and know you are not alone.

Plan with 'Insider Tips'

Prepare best by knowing when, where and how to go.

Sensory Scale uses 1 – 10 scoring, with 10 being maximum sensory input.

How loud
How much walking
How many people
How many hours to stay

Writing out what needs to be done for the day can be a helpful way to provide structure in an uncertain time.

Even when it is hot, a little fresh air goes a long way. Garden hoses, water balloons, and a bowl of ice cubes all offer relief from the heat and some water play excitement!

Lean into family members, friends, or therapists who can offer time on the computer to talk with your kids or learn a new skill. It provides enrichment and the opportunity to connect with someone outside of the house.

Watch Pal Videos as a family to virtually feel like you are out and about. You can plan out your visit for the next time you are able to go!

Talk with your kiddos often. Check in with how they are feeling and remind them that lots of people are working hard to help keep them safe.

Whether it is an early morning, a moment in the afternoon or quiet time in bed, space to take some deep breaths and focus on yourself for a second cannot be undervalued. You deserve it!

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Go with our Pal Guide

Use our step-by-step approach that breaks down your adventure into steps.

Assistive communication icons help you communicate what you need and how you feel.

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