What does together-ready mean?

Pal is passionate about bringing people together and sharing experiences. Pal Places support a variety of needs so that your whole family can feel confident exploring together. We outfit our communities with the tools and resources that enable meaningful experiences in everyday adventure. Our Pal Places desire to integrate inclusivity into their way of operating, that way caregivers and their explorers feel confident and empowered to try new places together. We inspire discovery and exploration and believe that no outing is too small to be celebrated. From the dentist office to the aquarium to an NBA game, we make sure that everyone gets to go.

Through trust and approachability, we set the environment for everyone to feel comfortable and included. Our tools provide the vehicle of together-readiness, from Pal Guides to Pal Video social stories that model for our explorers the new space. Pal places offer support for a multitude of needs that may negatively impact an experience, such as quieter spaces or times when crowds are less.

Did you know Buddy is happy to be together-ready with you? He’s a Pal explorer too and is with you on your journey to new adventures everywhere.