Step 1: Arriving

The family arrives at Minnesota Children’s Museum. They get their tickets and their stickers.

Pal Place Completion

Step 2: Things to know

Minnesota Children’s Museum has so much to offer! Learn about it here.

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Step 3: Second floor

Explore the Second Floor to see Imaginopolis, Creativity Jam and Sprouts. 

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Step 4: Fourth floor

Pretend play in Our World, check out the traveling exhibit space, and create in The Studio.

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Step 5: First floor

Time to climb at The Scramble! Also check out Shipwreck Adventures and Forces at Play.

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Step 6: Leaving

Time to go. It can be hard to leave the Minnesota Children’s Museum, but it is was fun to be able to visit!

Pal Place Completion
Buddy the orange octopus has a big smile and holds a cellphone